Machine Learning | Everything You Need To Know

What is Machine Learning ?

Machine learning is the subfield of computer science that, according to Arthur Samuel in 1959, gives “computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” as per Wikipedia .

Applications of Machine Learning You Need To Know

 1) Siri

One of the typical example of Machine Learning is Apple’s Siri , it uses various technologies like natural language processing , machine learning etc . Siri is may not be capable of learning how to do new things, but it can be extended and expanded.

Beyond Siri, even their operating system uses machine learning to power a number of new features.

2) Search Engine Like Google

Even Google uses machine learning to give best search results . The thing which makes Google powerful is DATA . TensorFlow , which is an open source software library for Machine Learning is developed by Google, and is an excellent software toolkit that helps build large scale machine learning apps .

In Query understanding , search ranking, spelling suggestions , related suggestions all this is done by Machine Learning .

Even crawlers use machine learning to figure out the optimal rate to crawl a particular url , based on how often it’s updated and much more .

3) Face Detection



The face detection feature is now widely being used in smartphones and desktop as a lock screen feature, this is an example of what machine learning can do. Cameras can automatically snap a photo when someone smiles more accurately now than ever before because of advances in machine learning algorithms.

Why Machine Learning Matters?

How you can be benefited using Machine Learning :

Machine learning can perform data analysis , using algorithms that continuously assess and learn from data, machine learning enables computers to access hidden insights.

1) Real Time Predictions

 Machine learning system’s can be randomly initialized and trained on some data sets will eventually learn good feature representations for a given task . Such features are useful for things such as face detection, face recognition, speech recognition or image classification.

2) Help In Medical Industry

Many hospitals are now using  data analysis technique to predict admissions rates. Physicians are also able to predict how long patients with fatal diseases can live. Similarly, medical systems are incorporating these technologies for cost-cutting measures, along with streamlining and centralizing expense reports and testing protocols.

3) Advertisement Based On User Behavior

It is used by tech giants like Google and Facebook to push relevant advertisements based on users past search behavior . ( For example , the banner Ads , Display Ads are targeted based on your search activity )

How Machine Learning Is Helping Content Marketers

It’s true that the more we can understand about our customer’s the better we can serve them . Terabytes of data is generated daily , and it helps marketer’s to dig through this high volume of data and find out what’s missing!

  • Time Efficiency

Machine Learning has given marketer’s the ease to have the look to large volume’s of data and save their time for critical work. Marketer’s reuse , remix the content in their own to engage there audience and drive conversions out of it . Further, machine learning helps to them connect with their consumers by providing recommendations based on insights into their interactions and interests.

  • Prediction About Customer Journey

Machine learning will help marketers to predict their customer journey using content through multiple channels. This will help marketers ensure that each step is in sync with the preceding as well as the succeeding one. Thus, it will save immense human effort, time, and minimize the potential of errors.

  • Boost Revenue | How You’re Getting Trapped

Any learning model is trained with historical behavior i.e how customers with similar characteristics responded to an offer. Machine learning can help spot patterns or changes in customer behavior more swiftly, enabling marketing to respond in real time by adjusting offers. Thus by using these constraints marketer’s benefit from it as they predict their customer’s next step .

 Conclusion :

After reading this post , you should be familiar with what Machine Learning is , it’s applications , and how to get started with it .

If you have any questions , please comment below we will reply back ASAP .

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