IoT – The Next Big Thing

“If you think that Internet has given a new dimension to your life, think again.

The IoT is going to change it all over again”

IoT- Internet of things basically covers all the devices connected to Internet.The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as “connected devices” and “smart devices”), and other items embedded with electronics , software, sensors, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data  ( According to Wikipedia ) .

How Can We Use IoT To Give A Boost To Businesses?

1) Helps in customizing customer’s experience 

With technology thriving, smart devices are helping in tracking, recording the patterns of consumer’s behavior, and therefore resulting in making intelligent product recommendations and customizing searches in innovative ways .Organizations, marketers make sure that the customer who is visiting there website should get the most premium service, with IoT devices connecting consumers with more interactions, they have greater access to data than ever before

2) Improves Connectivity

With various devices communicating with each other and at same time, it gives a boost to productivityBusinesses can also use the data generated in the process of analyzing and evaluating to understand the choke-points in the functioning of their system.Also, IoT provides Real-time tracking which saves lots of effort and time. Moreover, coming to manufacturing, every single object can be easily be tracked and controlled inside a plant using IoT sensors.

3) Automation and Maintenance

Automation can save the valuable time as well as human labor along with providing streamlined and error-free results. As well as, by connecting multiple objects in a industry can help in providing steady workflow, thus contributing in productivity and efficiency. Maintenance has also become easy because with the help of IoT devices are connected with sensors that can detect the malfunctioned equipment. This helps in providing the right care.

4) Inventory Tracking System

If your Business relies on warehousing, inventory, storage , in near future smart devices should be able to keep the track of your inventory item by item freeing up your workers for more demanding tasks.It’s not about smart homes anymore its also about smart office and smart-warehouse.

IoT Can Even Hack You 

Are Your Security Solutions , Sufficient To Handle The Threat ?

Think Again !

  • Security teams assume that they have complete control over their environment and networks .

  • IoT Security spending will increase from $348 million in 2016 to $840 million in 2020.   According to technology research firm Gartner  
  • Existing Network’s Control Can’t See IoT devices, Bluetooth , or other critical IoT device protocols . Thus, IT Security Teams must devise separate solutions for Monitoring Wired & Wireless networks and devices and begin altering security spending .
  • The Internet of Things is similar to BYOD and remains uncontrolled in many companies.

Jobs Concern In Cons of Using IoT

In the advancement of IoT and Automation ,there will be decline in the employment where devices will be working 24 hours instead of human labor .

1) Technology taking over the control

This technology, just like any other technology has its advantages as well as disadvantages, with almost everything automated in near future will make us more and more dependent on it. Now, its upto us to decide how much we are willing to hand over control of our life to devices. According to recent study, it has been predicted that by 2020 almost 26 billion devices will be connected by it.

2) Loss of Privacy and Security

As all the information of household appliances, industrial machinery, healthcare sector,public sector services like water supply and transport, and many other devices all are connected to the Internet is available on it. With all the information just a touch away it is very much prone to attack by hackers. It would be result in very disastrous outcome if private and confidential information is accessed by unauthorized source.

3) Complexity

With all the devices connected it will make the whole system quite complex to find out bugs.Being a diverse and complex network, any failure or bugs in the software or hardware will have serious consequences. Even a power failure can cause a lot of inconvenience.

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