How Google Analytics Can Help Your Business

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What is Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service mostly used worldwide for “tracking, analyzing, and reporting on site data” . Google Analytics can help you measure site traffic, SEO, engagement, ad revenue, and activity on social media.


Have A Look At Our Dashboard

From here you can have a look at our Website’s Data , you can track each and everything – New Visitor V/S Returning Visitors , number of sessions from a country , or a city , average time spent on the website and much more !

Ways How Google Analytics Can Help Your Business

1) Know Your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who view the website page and leave without any interaction

Have a look at our Blog’s  Bounce Rate 

Try to keep your bounce rate as low as possible !

But how to keep bounce rate low ?

We have the answer for you !

  •  Timely Update Your Blog With The Right Content

Businesses that update their blogs with fresh content regularly will generate 126% more leads more than those who don’t – as per HubSpot

By consistently adding right content , you’re establishing trust and it may evoke a wow reaction from your readers !

  • Use Keywords With High Traffic Value

    Simply writing content for your blog will not adequately reduce your bounce rate or improve conversions. You’ve also got to target keywords with high-value traffic , use long tail keywords , to increase your website traffic .
    These keywords, in turn, will send high-value customers to you.

Need help in finding keywords ? Use these tools

Google Keyword Planner | Uber Suggest | Keyword Tool

2) Demographics To Know Your Visitor’s Location

Know the specific locations from where your visitors bring you the most conversions. Targeting visitors in these locations with the help of Google Adword  and it will result in even more goal completions for your site. With the help of Search Advertisement  , Display Advertisement etc , you can easily target your audience !

Have a look at our visitor’s location !

By knowing your visitor’s demographics you can easily target them , and it’s all because of Google Analytics .

3) Know Your Traffic Type

You need to know whether your customer is able to find you on search engines like Google , Bing ?Are you taking the help of social media platforms like Twitter | FacebookLinkedIn to boost your business outreach , each of these platform has it’s on advantage to reach your audience .

Check out our Traffic Type

Carefully check out that our Blog’s direct traffic is in major proposition , whereas 12% users are able to find us from google , and about 5% traffic is from Twitter  . So you can easily have an idea where to stress more to promote your business and make the best out of it .

4) Technology

Find out whether the most clicks on your website are from Mobile or Desktop users , check out whether your website is mobile friendly  or not ? What all improvement’s your website needs , monitor the average time your website takes to load .

Use this tool to find out Moz

Check out below the ratio of our mobile and desktop users

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